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Wedding Flowers: DIY vs Hiring a Florist As flower professionals, we understand there are a lot of brides who opt to do their own flowers for their wedding. DIY is trendy! And it could be a fantastic experience! However, let's take a few minutes to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of doing your own wedding flowers. Advantages If you are artistic, have lots of time, love flowers and enjoy arranging flowers, then this can be a very rewarding experience.  There may be a cost savings. (We'll talk more about that later) Disadvantages           Added stress! Here are some potential stressors;  Flower quality. The flowers may arrive in poor quality. Inexpensive flowers are inexpensive for a reason. They either haven't been properly processed with quality floral products, or they're old or both! They may arrive to you blown, and falling apart. Difficulty and Perfection. It can be difficult to arrange the bouquets perfectly. Occasionally we ou
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Flower Shop Flowers VS. Grocery Store Flowers Welcome to our blog, and our first blog posting! We are so excited to share a variety of topics with you, about flowers, plants, and more! Our first topic is Flower Shop flowers vs. Grocery Store flowers, what are the differences, and what are the similarities? To a flower shop, the grocery store flowers can be a bit of frustration in regards to price and accesibility. The ease of picking up an inexpensive bouquet of cut flowers while shopping for groceries is undisputable. There really is no way a flower shop can compete with corporations. Most shops are still easily accessible, not too far from most commercial areas, but for some consumers, with their busy lifestyle, it’s just another stop they’d have to make. So what advantages does our flower shop have? It starts with when the flowers are ordered. Flower shops place their flower orders with the wholesalers, with whom they’ve created a great work relationship with. In most